The HOT Coalition

Hotel Owners for Tomorrow is a coalition rallying thousands of owners across the world to demonstrate their commitment to helping the planet and its people.

As a hotel owner, you can make a difference.

  • You can incorporate sustainability into your investment decisions and asset management
  • You can use your influence to help build a better future
  • You can raise awareness for others to follow 

HOT is simple: hotel owners commit to 5 basic actions. There is no cost to commit, and the 5 actions do not require a financial commitment. We build a coalition of hotel brands, management companies, industry bodies, and other supporters in hotel development to help the owners carry out the commitments. 


 The Five Actions for Building a Sustainable Future

Now more than ever, Global leaders recognize our need to address environmental and social issues. The Paris Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals are becoming a global force for change and improvement, with hundreds of businesses rallying around solutions to enhance value. Now is the time to join the movement and become a HOT Signatory.