The HOT Coalition is an open-source, no-cost initiative among the hotel community to advance sustainability. HOT was started to create an easy platform for building awareness and getting the important discussion of sustainability started. If more hotel owners carry out these 5 actions, all coalition members, the hotel industry in general, and the planet will benefit. This website is the main forum for joining and spreading awareness.

The Coalition is made of 4 types of members: Signatories (Owners), Industry Partners (Hotel Companies), Network Partners (Industry Bodies), and Supporters (Media & Hotel Development). Upon joining, resources are provided to each entity type to help them support their efforts through the HOT Coalition.

Currently HOT is being piloted in Asia, and will expand globally in the future. We encourage all entities of these types to join and help hotel owners make a difference. 

"Asia is the center of the planet's future. It is also the battleground for sustainable development. More hotels are going up in Asia than the rest of the world put together. More people live in Asia who will attain a better quality of life. More resources will be needed in Asia to support this growth than anywhere else. The solutions to the planet's problems will be scaled in Asia"

HOT Coalition Entities

Signatories - Entities that commit to the principles. These include owners of hotel real estate. Their role is to commit to the principles and then follow them. Some entities may play a dual role for both owning hotels and managing hotels for other owners. In this case, they are considered primarily signatories, and then can be listed as Industry Partners (next coalition entity type below) when separate communications around Industry Partners exist. 

Industry Partners - Entities with a direct relationship with owners. Their performance directly benefits from owner commitments. These include hotel brands and management companies. Their role is to engage owners to become signatories, and support signatories in implementing the principles. This may also include Signatory entities which are structures organizationally in a role as owner of hotels as well as operator of hotels owned by other entities.   

Network Partners - Entities that benefit indirectly from the initiative's success, because it is also aligned with their mission, purpose, or complementary initiatives. These include other sustainability-related initiatives, NGOs, associations, or national tourism organizations. Their role is to provide credibility to the initiative and help disseminate it throughout their networks, further enabling signatories to be recognized. 

Supporters - Media organizations, or entities that routinely engage hotel owners directly in the planning, design, development, acquisition, and asset management of hotels.