1. You, or a significant portion of your parent ownership entity, is headquartered in an Asian country. 
  2. You have owner a controlling interest in at least one property within the past 6 months which are classified as either a hotel, or a resort, located within Asia.
  3. You pledge commitment to the 5 actions.

Once joining, you will:

  • Receive distinction as a first mover in helping shape the future of the industry and the planet, leaving a position impact for your country, families, destinations where you invest, and future managers of your assets.
  • See where you can avoid future costs of regulation or increase in costs, and begin to identify many opportunities for increased ROI on investments and asset values over time as the business case for sustainability is constantly being made and enhanced.
  • Prepare yourself to access capital and mange assets as you grow, by linking you to the global initiatives in place among stock exchanges and international sources of capital from equity partners which require strategy, disclosure, and actin on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues in order to do business.   

Submit your best practices to join@hotelsfortomorrow.org.