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You already know the importance of benchmarking occupancy, rates, guest ratings, and amenities. Extending this to sustainability is a logical next step. Is your property's energy usage higher per square metre than peers? Should it be? Has water usage spikes in recent months, and could this be because of a leak or open valve? Have you implemented the most common specifications and practices that most other peers are doing? Through monitoring and benchmarking, you will find numerous opportunities. 

Best places to monitor and benchmark sustainability performance

  1. Internally among your portfolio or the brand. If you have a branded property, likely they have a tracking and benchmarking option you can utilize easily. You can do this yourself in a spreadsheet very easily as well. Just gather the data each moth and review performance. 

  2. Nationally or locally through initiatives. Many countries, regions, municipalities, or local green hotel/tourism initiatives will have building performance benchmarking opportunities, often at no cost. 

  3. The Green Lodging Survey. An annual, free benchmarking of best practices and specifications across hotels hotels globally, you can benchmark across over a hundred practices for your hotel confidentially, and receive a blind comparison among peers. To participate, please visit

  4. The Cornell Hotel Sustainability Benchmarking Index. The industry's largest benchmarking exercise of energy, water, and carbon data globally. Supported by a dozen major hotel companies, you can benchmark confidentially at very low cost among peers, and receive a data validation test as well as help build the initiative. If you own a property whose brand is already participating, then you can benchmark through their account with no additional cost. To participate or for more information send an email to with "CHSB" in the subject line. To see the latest results visit or