1. What is the cost to join the coalition?

There is no cost involved with joining the coalition. Coalition members just need to carry out their support of HOT.   

2. What is the cost involved for signatories in carrying out the commitment?                   

The 5 actions are structured primarily as communication efforts. Signatories commit their time to discussing sustainability, evaluating risk & opportunities, monitoring performance, and sharing practices. No financial commitment is required. HOT aims to build awareness and spread best practice wherever it makes good sense.     

3. What is the difference between HOT and a green certification or eco-label?       

Hotel certification addresses the attributes of the hotel (the building and operations). HOT addresses actions that hotel owners take in hotel development and management of financial assets.  

4. Does this mean than an owner has to buy hotels that are efficient and green?      

No. HOT is an initiative for owners to discuss and evaluate sustainability in investment decisions. In fact, acquiring a hotel that is not very efficient, and then examining opportunities to increase efficiency or implement new technologies to improve the building, also helps the cause and is an excellent implementation of actions. 

5. How will signatories prove they are following through with the commitment? 

Signatories can demonstrate their commitment by sharing best practices on how they are implementing the actions. A best practice page will be set up on the website with a directory of signatories and uploaded best practice case studies. Compliance is not monitored strictly, since HOT is a coalition to help build awareness and interest, in an effort to mainstream and accelerate sustainability across hotel ownership worldwide. 

6. How can I join the coalition?

To be eligible, coalition entries must fall under at least 1 of four categories: signatories, network partners, industry partners, and supporters. Please see more information about each. To join, please fill out the JOIN! form.

7. Is this initiative only for Asia, or for other regions as well?      

We are piloting this launch in Asia for its significance in hotel growth and opportunities for hotel owners to get involved. We plan on extending this to other regions and globally in the future.

8. I only own 1 hotel, can I join the coalition?     

Yes, as long as you commit to the 5 actions. HOT is a bridge for bringing sustainability to hotel owners of all regions, sizes, and profiles. To achieve sustainable development, everyone needs to get involved in the discussion. 

9. We are not currently looking to invest in new hotels or acquire for the foreseeable future. Does Action #1 apply to us?

Action #1 means that whenever  you look to make significant investment decisions, you will consider aspects of sustainability. This can include major property renovations or financial restructuring also. However, if you are not currently planning on investing, then Action #1 does not apply until you do so. You can use the time to discuss sustainability with your current development partners, or come up with some sustainability strategies, so that you will be ready for Action #1 when you do invest. 

10. Does Action #2 mean a financial commitment?                                                                        

No. This action means you will review and consider projects that add renewable energy or efficiency to your hotel(s). You can review any type of related project from any internal source or external vendor (see more information on this action’s page for examples). If projects are not the right fit, then you are not obligated to invest. This action is intended to get owners to consider more of these types of projects, and we are convinced that you will find some of them of interest over time, as long as you commit to considering projects each year.    

11. Action #4 is to "Support brand efforts." What if I don't own a chain-affiliated hotel?  

If you own an independent hotel or are an owner/operator of your own brand, then you can demonstrate your own company’s sustainability efforts. 

12. What if my company owns some hotels and manages others that we do not own?                                                                                                                                                      

You can join the coalition as either an industry partner or signatory or both. If you own hotels, it is preferable for you to "walk the talk" as a signatory and encourage your managed property owners to join as well. 

13. How will HOT be embedded for continuous engagement after the launch and first year? 

Coalition members will be receiving ongoing communications including a newsletter and social media updates on new signatories and new best practices available on the website. Coalition partners are also able to develop their own programs and content to support, such as presentations at annual owner conferences and guidelines for developers and new owners to help implement the 5 actions. HOT is also planned by a global launch which may be phased by region each year.              

14. If I join, what type of branding and resources will be available to me? 

In addition to the resources available on this website, you will receive logos, descriptions, and talking points that you can use in your own materials. Slide decks will also be made available for you to present the HOT Coalition to your own stakeholders. You will also be invited to join a discussion forum only available for coalition members.